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Palouse Red®: Roasted, Sweet Red Bell Pepper Sauce

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 $6.00 per jar

8.5oz Jar of our award winning Palouse Red® Roasted, Sweet Red Bell Pepper Sauce!


Just in time for the Holidays!

$5.50 per jar ($66.00 per case) when you buy a full case of 12 jars! Perfect gift for those special people on your list, or, just a thank you gift for the post person, or your UPS driver!


Roasted, Sweet Red Bell Pepper Sauce

has many different uses!

Here are just a few for you to try!

• Pour it over a toasted bagel with cream cheese or tofuni!

• On crab cakes (my personal favorite #1!)

• Use it on egg rolls (my personal favorite #2!);

• In an omelet;

Go to our recipe page for more!

Palouse Red®: Roasted, Red Bell Pepper Mustard

 $6.00 per jar

8.5oz Jar of our award winning Palouse Red® Red Bell Pepper Mustard!

Our Red Bell Pepper Mustard is a classic!

GMO free, no artificial ingredients!

Similar to a fine deli mustard, with a bold, but not overpowering taste, our thick, rich Red Bell Pepper Mustard is a sensual mustard that enhances any food that you use it on, or with.

The delicious taste, and visually pleasing appearance of our Red Bell Pepper Mustard makes it a favorite for not only gourmet cooks and caterers, but for anyone who simply enjoys the taste of a fine cheese sandwich, or a glazed ham. We further enhance the taste of our pepper mustard with extra roasted mustard seed, and distilled vinegar for a subtle after bite.

Here are just a few of our favorite uses for our Red Bell Pepper Mustard:

• As a glaze for ham;

• In a zucchini quiche;

• On ham or turkey sandwiches;

• With Swiss cheese;

• As a cream sauce on fish, corned beef, etc;

• As a mustard sauce over raw or cooked vegetables.

2 Jars Palouse Red®: Roasted, Sweet Red Bell Pepper Sauce,
Ready To Ship!

 $15.00 Per Gift Pack

One Jar of Our Palouse Red Sauce andOne Jar Of Our Palouse Red Mustard

$15.00 Per Gift Pack

Give a gift that will be remembered...because it tastes so good! We ALL LOVE to eat good food, so why not give the gift that will have the person you gave it to calling and asking where they can buy it!

Our gift packs make the perfect special gift for the gourmet on your list, as a hostess gift, or for anyone who loves good food! Each gift pack comes with serving suggestions.

Do you have multiple gifts that you would like to send? We will take all of the hassle out of it, and ship them all to the addresses you give us!

2 Jars of Our Palouse Red Sauce, & 1 Jar of Palouse Red Mustard in an Attractive Gable Gift Box!

$21.00 Per Gift Pack

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