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Palouse Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce is a SWEET sauce, not a hot sauce!

Our Red Bell Pepper Sauce, (also known as "Palouse Red Roasted Sweet Red Bell Pepper Sauce), really is a taste sensation, and a long time customer favorite! We originally produced it in the rolling hills of Washington and Idaho, called "the Palouse". We have continued the tradition since moving to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington.

Here at Lifeforce Specialty Foods, we love good food, especially if it is healthy, good for you, and LOADED with antioxidants,like our sauce is!

Our Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce is amazing all by itself, or with your favorite recipes! Try it over egg rolls, or, drizzle it over a chunk of cream cheese and serve with crackers! Click on our recipe page, and check out just a few of our recipes!

Once you taste it, you will never want to be without it! Palouse Red is one of those “creative foods” that you can always experiment with and find new ways to use it! Thanks to our customers, we have a growing recipe page! Check it out!

To order, click on our order page! We use Paypal as our secure method of payment. We value you as a customer, and we appreciate any referrals you may want to send our way, as a matter of fact, we will send you a free Palouse Red gift pack for every 3 new customers you refer to us who purchase even one jar!

Just let us know who they are on our "contact us" form!

We would also like your favorite recipes using our sauce or mustard.Each month, we will pick the best recipe, feature it on our site, and send the winner a free gift pack!

We like to hear how much you like our products Our customers are important to us, and it helps us for you to give us feedback, positive or negative.

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